The Carousel

The Carousel

Read by: Michael Gross
This is the love story of Michael Keddington and Faye Murrow, a love story that takes place not in seclusion, but in the real world, with the challenges that all lovers must face. No relationship is an island: there are threads that bind us all and pull at our lives: the demands of family, friends, work, and social obligation. And there are times that the pull of those threads becomes greater than the strength of the relationship. In these times, no matter how much two people love each other, a relationship must grow strong or be torn apart.
The Carousel is about what happens when life doesn't turn out the way that we planned. More than a love story, it is about faith, loyalty, and sacrifice.
My hope is that you, and those with whom you share this audiobook, might find the message of this story meaningful and applicable to your own life.
And that in some way you might feel changed.

Richard Paul Evans
  • Simon & Schuster Audio | 
  • ISBN 9780743519465 | 
  • October 2000
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Reading Group Guide

Reading Group Guide

Richard Paul Evans, bestselling author of the beloved classic The Christmas Box and The Looking Glass, writes the final chapter in the love story that began with The Locket, returning to the unfinished story of Faye Murrow and Michael Keddington in a tale that will delight and inspire readers everywhere.

1. What is the significance of The Carousel dream that opens the novel? What does The Carousel represent? When Faye's horse comes around and is riderless, Michael, frantic about her disappearance, asks the carnival man whether he will see her again. "I suppose that's up to you," he answers. How are we to interpret this exchange?
2. The Carousel is the third and final novel in the series that begins with The Locket and continues with The Looking Glass. Which of the three novels is your favorite? Which did you like least? Why? How are the three books connected stylistically and thematically? Each book stands on its own, but in what ways does each one take on a deeper meaning if you have read all three? Does the order in which you read the novels matter? To you? To the author's intentions? If you should happen to read the last book in a trilogy first, do you ever find yourself going back to read all three books in the sequence the author intended? Why do you think it might be profitable to do so?
3. In The Locket Michael, having learned valuable lessons about lov see more

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Richard Paul Evans
Photography by Tracy Evans

Richard Paul Evans

Richard Paul Evans is the #1 bestselling author of The Christmas Box. Each of his more than thirty novels has been a New York Times bestseller. There are more than thirty million copies of his books in print worldwide, translated into more than twenty-four languages. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the American Mothers Book Award, the Romantic Times Best Women’s Novel of the Year Award, the German Audience Gold Award for Romance, two Religion Communicators Council Wilbur Awards, the Washington Times Humanitarian of the Century Award and the Volunteers of America National Empathy Award. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife, Keri, and their five children. You can learn more about Richard on Facebook at, or visit his website,