The Battersea Barricades

A Chronicles of St Mary's Short Story

The Battersea Barricades

It's not easy being a rebel.
So many new skills to assimilate.
Never mind strategic planning, weapons expertise and the like - there's bicycle-stealing, oil-stain removal and boat steering to be mastered first.
And quickly.

It's the time of the Civil Uprisings and two young women set out to make a difference.
Their only problem?
They don't know where they are.
Or where they're going.
Or what to do when they get there.
Other than that ...

Fans of St Mary's will enjoy this glimpse into the past of some of their favourite characters.
  • Accent Press | 
  • 140 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781635969375 | 
  • April 2018
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