The 13th Hour

A Thriller

The 13th Hour

Nick Quinn is being held in jail, accused of his wife Julia’s murder. He knows she’s dead; he saw her bloody corpse. But he’s innocent.


At 9 p.m. on July 28, a gray-haired gentleman gives Nick a talisman, allowing him to go back in time, one hour at a time, for a total of twelve hours. With each hour that Nick travels, he finds more clues to the identity of Julia’s real killer, but he also discovers that his actions in the past may have unexpected repercussions in the future. If he hasn’t set things right by the thirteenth hour, all will be lost and all his good intentions of saving Julia’s life may lead to a far greater catastrophe than he could have imagined.


A surprising and utterly original thriller blending a dash of fantasy with page-turning suspense, The 13th Hour is pure entertainment—full of double-crosses, cliffhangers, and surprises.
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  • ISBN 9780743598538 | 
  • December 2009
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Nick Quinn finds himself stuck in a police station, accused of an unspeakable horror: the murder of his beloved wife, Julia. The police refuse to believe that Nick had nothing to do with her death. As they leave him to his fate, a mysterious man enters and makes a tempting offer: “If you could get out of here, if you could save her, would you?” He places a gold watch in Nick’s hands and tells him that he now has the ability to relive the past twelve hours, hour by hour, in order to stop his wife’s killer. The only catch is that he will live them in reverse.

Nick ventures back through time attempting to stop the death of the woman he loves but soon realizes that he is caught up in bigger events than he could ever imagine. While dodging confused friends, taking on corrupt cops, and reliving a horrific plane crash over and over, Nick will discover that his best efforts in the past often have disastrous results in the future.

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Richard Doetsch
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Richard Doetsch

Richard Doetsch is the international bestselling author of five previous thrillers, including The Thieves of Faith, The Thieves of Heaven, which is currently being developed for film by Twentieth Century Fox, The Thieves of Darkness, which Doetsch is co-adapting with Shane Salerno (Savages, Armageddon, Hawaii Five-0), The 13th Hour, which is being adapted by New Line Cinema, and Half-Past Dawn. Doetsch is a triathlete, adventure racer, and extreme sport enthusiast and lives in New York with his family. Visit to find out more.