Taneesha Never Disparaging

Taneesha Never Disparaging

Illustrated by: Floyd Cooper
For Ages: 8 - 12
M. LaVora Perry is an actor and commercial model from Cleveland, Ohio. Her novel, Taneesha Never Disparaging, was inspired by her three children who attended a school very similar to Taneesha’s.
  • Wisdom Publications | 
  • 216 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780861715503 | 
  • September 2008
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About the Author

M. LaVora Perry
Photograph by Jacob Bacon

M. LaVora Perry

M. LaVora Perry is a writer and the author of children's book A History of the Civil Rights Movement (Mason Crest, 2012). She is also a photojournalist, website editor, and videographer for Greater University Circle Neighborhood Voice and Neighborhood-Voice.com, a print and online publication in Cleveland, Ohio. Each monthly print edition features her front-page column. Visit her website, mlavoraperry.com.