Stories from Contemporary China

Zhou Yu's Train by Bei Cun, The Sprinkler by Xu Yigua, The Crime Scene by Li Er

Stories from Contemporary China

Foreword by: Sun Yong
The three brilliant Chinese novellas found in this book were written in the last ten years of the 20th century. They reflect various aspects of Chinese society. The authors are stars of the contemporary literary scene, representing a new generation of writers in China. Their stories touch upon contrasts, between the city and the countryside, the upper and the lower classes as well as the social elite and ordinary people. They narrate the ups and downs of these places and groups in a time of profound change.

Zho Yu's Train
This story is a puzzle about love. Year after year, Zhou Yu's husband rides the train twice a week to go and visit her, as they live in different cities. After her husband's accidental death she becomes a prisoner of her own memories. When she finally discovers the secret her husband has kept from her, the nature of the love she feels for his memory is thrown into doubt… This novel has been adapted into a Chinese film of the same title.

The Sprinkler
After her husband inexplicably disappears, a sprinkler truck driver spends years yearning for his return. Tortured by the thought that he will never come back, she is overwhelmed by loneliness and desire. Late at night, her truck crawls through the apathetic and eerie city. Desperate for the facts as well as dreading them, the sprinkler truck driver gradually sinks deeper into despair. Finally she learns the truth…

The Crime Scene
This novel is based on the author's first-hand interview with a group of bank robbers. The heroes and the heroine are not born ruthless or evil, nor do they have any particular hatred for society. However, they take a juvenile approach to life and recklessly commit crimes. What drives their destructive behavior.
  • Shanghai Press | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781602202160 | 
  • October 2010
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