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Create delicious smoothies to enrich health and vitality with this easy-to-follow recipe book.

Smoothies is a collection of delicious and easy drink recipes. Blended fresh fruit smoothies are high in vitamins and minerals and a great way to boost your daily calcium intake. With this book, you'll learn how to prepare dairy and dairy-free smoothies, icy frappes and revitalizing health shakes that are ideal for a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast, refreshing snack or decadent dessert!

There is nothing more refreshing than a tasty and energizing smoothie to start the day. Enjoy tasty fruit smoothies, tantalizing shakes, and create amazing blends of fresh fruit and vegetables. Discover tips and techniques for delicious power-packed smoothies, shakes, and blends, bursting with taste and vitality.

Smoothie recipes include:
  • Cherry-Berry Smoothie
  • Spiced Plum Smoothie
  • Breakfast Smoothie
  • Fresh Fig and Ginger Smoothie
  • Iced Soy Latte
  • Papaya, Lime and Coconut Smoothie
  • Black Currant Shake
  • Honey-Macadamia Shake
  • Iced Coffee Shake
  • Avocado Shots
  • Pomegranate and Pear Ice
  • Praline Shake
  • Green Tea and Melon Frappe
  • Mint Tea Slush
  • Chilled Eggnog
  • Periplus Editions (HK) ltd. | 
  • 112 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780794650186 | 
  • June 2003
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