Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy

The 5-Step Plan to Sleek, Strong, and Sculpted Arms

Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy

Six Weeks to Sexy and Sleeveless is an easy-to-read and easy-to-implement book for women who want great guns and better arms.

You have the right to bare arms! JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness coach to the stars, and author of The Virgin Diet, has created a simple, no-fail program that will trim, tone, and transform your arms into your hottest accessory. You don’t even need to go to the gym!

JJ’s fun, tell-it-like-it-is method will teach you a no-fuss approach to eating that will increase your energy, help you build muscle, and get you off diets for good. She provides simple strategies for avoiding the common mistakes that can derail your progress, including how to reduce stress and how to change poor sleeping habits. JJ reveals the keys to building lean arms, and why your muscles will never get bigger from lifting weights—only smaller and more defined. And last, there are great tips for showing off your hot new assets—flattering outfits, how to pose for pictures, plus more insider secrets!
  • Gallery Books | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439189344 | 
  • May 2010
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Posted by JJ Virgin

What, how, and when you eat tells your body if it should store or burn fat for fuel and if it should build muscle or waste it. These meal guidelines from the fat-burning eating plan in JJ Virgin’s book Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy will help...

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JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin is the author of the New York Times bestselling The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, and The Sugar Impact Diet. As an expert on health, wellness, and personal development, she speaks at conferences across the country and has appeared on Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Today, Rachel Ray, and Access Hollywood. She is the proud mother of Grant and Bryce Virgin.