For Ages: 12 - 99
Assigned to write his autobiography, high school senior Rob Radkovitz decides to "listen" back on his life. As he remembers the voices of his younger self, his quirky family, and his closest friends, one stands apart -- the haunting voice of his long-absent father, left behind on a single tape from one of his radio shows.
Told in a collage of past and present voices, Seek follows Rob's obsessive search for his father, pursued not through San Francisco's streets, but through the labyrinth of the airwaves. Open the cover and listen in -- to psychic readers and pirate DJs, and to Rob's transforming views of his past and future.
  • Simon Pulse | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780689854026 | 
  • March 2003 | 
  • Grades 7 and up
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Reading Group Guide

A Reading Group Guide to

By Paul Fleischman

About the Book

Assigned to write an autobiography as his senior thesis, high school student Rob Radkovitz finds that, for him, looking back means listening, tuning in to the influential voices that have shaped his experience. There's his trilingual mother, his devoted aunts, his literary grandmother (who loves to read aloud) and his professorial grandfather. But the voice that's missing is the one that's most resonant; it belongs to his father, a radio DJ whom Rob's never met. With a single recording as his guiding light, Rob rides the airwaves in search of his father but what he finds is a deeper understanding of himself. Described by Booklist as "quirky, comic and poignant" and "groundbreaking" by SLJ, Seek's pastiche of past and present voices emerges as an insightful symphony of sound.

Discussion Topics

1. Rob's English teacher (Mr. McCarthy) explains that the autobiography "should probe the themes in your life, [analyze] signal events and [chart] the influences of family, community and your historical era on your development." What themes, events and influences shaped Rob? How? What themes, events and influences have shaped your life and in what ways?

2. "I grew up in a house built of voices," writes Rob. "Each person not only had a voice but brought others into the house." To whom do the voices in Ro see more

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