Secret Tactics

Lessons from the Great Masters of Martial Arts

Secret Tactics

This invaluable martial arts philosophy handbook presents ancient wisdom for contemporary readers.

Secrete Tactics contains brilliant new interpretations of fundamental works of strategy and martial arts tactics by the martial arts masters. It distills the important teachings on leadership, character and values found in those books.

This book of martial arts wisdom and philosophy is written by a master martial artist specifically for martial artists. Grandmaster Kazumi Tabata is one of the most experienced practitioners of Shotokan Karate in the world. This martial arts guide incorporates works by Miyamoto Musashi, Gichin Funakoshi, Yamamoto Tsunetomo, and various martial arts tomes. Readers will unlock the secrets of their art and of themselves.

These and a dozen other essays on strategy, combat tactics, psychology, leadership, good character, and the exercise of power, make Secret Tactics an indispensable resource for students of Asian culture, martial artists, and corporate executives.
  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780804834889 | 
  • August 2003
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