Satyricon USA

A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier

Satyricon USA

In what Gear magazine deemed a "rich and fascinating portrait of sex in America," Eurydice gives us a frontline report on the reality of sex life in the United States -- from "fringe" sexual behavior and sex-on-the-Net to how and why sex has changed from a private activity to a public display.
With an extraordinary talent for evoking a scene, Eurydice plumbs the strange worlds of cross-dressing conferences, supersized strip emporiums, and sadomasochist gathering spots. She records the surprising sexual adventures of ordinary Americans and introduces such unlikely characters as a former IBM executive who has been cross-dressing since age twelve and a dental assistant who has won fame as a porn star on the Web. Part reportage, part analysis, and part memoir, Satyricon USA is an unforgettable reading experience, catching a society in the throes of redefining its sexual mores.
  • Touchstone | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684862491 | 
  • April 2000
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