Rick and Morty Book Three

Rick and Morty Book Three

(Book #3 of Rick and Morty)
The hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s hilarious Adult Swim™ animated show RICK AND MORTY™ is available in its third deluxe hardcover collection!

This special edition collects issues #21-25 of the main series, as well as the entire Lil' Poopy Superstar miniseries. It also includes a brand-new introduction by Rick and Morty™ show co-creator Dan Harmon, over thirty pages of extras, and an exclusive sound clip voiced by Justin Roiland. Wubba lubba dub dub!

Catch up on the adventures of sociopathic genius scientist Rick Sanchez and his inherently timid grandson Morty Smith as they embark on dangerous adventures across the universe! Recoil at the despicable Doofus Jerry and his attempt to take over the family (and the world)! Relive the joys and sorrows of Tiny Rick! Join Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole on their own adventure through fame and misfortune! All that and more in this oversized collection!
  • Oni Press | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781620105351 | 
  • September 2018
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About the Authors

Sarah Graley
Sarah Graley

Sarah Graley

Sarah Graley is a UK-based comic artist and writer, living with four cats and one cat-like boy. She did that RICK AND MORTY™ series (LIL' POOPY SUPERSTAR) that one time, and also does a diary comic called OUR SUPER ADVENTURE, plus a supernatural rom-com called KIM REAPER!. You can check those out and more at www.sarahgraley.com.


Marc Ellerby

Marc Ellerby is a comics illustrator living in Essex, UK. He has worked on such titles as Rick and Morty, Doctor Who, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball. His own comics (which you should totally check out!) are Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter and Ellerbisms. You can read some comics if you like at marcellerby.com.