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Renewable Advantage

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Group Questions
    1. How stable is your business model? How is it changing? To what extent do your managers practice renewal-based thinking as a normal part of your day-to-day operations?
    2. Is your advantage renewable-or merely sustainable? Are you facing growth barriers that are hidden from your managers?
    3. Do managers in your scale-driven businesses understand how to orchestrate product design, process improvements and organizational learning alongside scale-that size for the sake of size is no longer enough?
    4. Are you approaching "winner-take-all" outcomes in your software-related businesses? What is the likelihood for "market tipping" towards a single, dominant product? Are opportunities available to create shielded, long-lived profits through staircase strategies?
    5. Are your faster-moving businesses nearing fast-cycle status, where product half-life is as short as 12 months? Does everyone in your organization understand the depth of change needed to become "children eaters?"
    6. How, specifically, are your critical success factors changing? Which previously critical factors have decayed to the point where they are still needed but no longer the basis of superior profitability? Are your managers prepared to take advantage these increasingly diverse market capitalization opportunities?
    7. Which of your businesses are facing "high energy markets?" where a radical change in profitability for all competitors is likely occur in the future? How extensive are measures in place to provide early warning of needed changes to your business model?
    8. Where do your senior managers spend most of their time in strategic thinking? How many operate in the "70% zone," where business value is renewed through purposeful recapitalization of aging businesses?
    9. Chapter 10 outlines seven steps to renewable leadership. How many of these are practiced in your company?

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