One Man's Island / One Man's War

One Man's Island / One Man's War

What if you woke up one morning to discover you were the last human on earth?

Sergeant Major Tim Flannery’s personal life is in a shambles. Recently home from his sixth combat tour in Afghanistan, his wife has left him, his house is in foreclosure, and he feels like his entire world has disintegrated. With almost thirty years’ military and civilian police experience, he’s always been able to make the right decisions in tight spots—that is, until he wakes one morning and discovers that Earth’s entire population is dead from an unknown cosmic calamity. And he’s the sole survivor.  

Tim Flannery is at a loss. Or is he? Follow the last man on earth as he traverses across a continent, and then an ocean, to find his fate. Can this one man change the world—and save humanity once and for all?
  • Permuted Press | 
  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781682612293 | 
  • May 2017
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Evil has risen from the ashes of the dead and it’s up to sergeant major Tim Flannery to preserve what little sanity is left in a world gone mad.

Seven years ago, a star died in a distant part of the galaxy, sending its deadly gamma rays towards Earth. When the rays reached our planet, they killed virtually all of the human population overnight, leaving only a handful of survivors. Sergeant major Tim Flannery was left to fend for himself in a dead and decaying world.

He thought he’d...