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Matsushita Leadership

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Group Questions
    1. What personal qualities helped Matsushita most in starting a business and making it successful during its first decade? How did he come to possess these qualities? How unusual do you think this syndrome is for entrepreneurs in general? (See Chapters 2-6)
    2. Why did MEI do so well-during the great depression? Why did it bounce back so well after World War II? (See Chapters 7-11)
    3. Why didn't MEI succumb to the problems that so often decimate successful corporations? What specifically did Konosuke Matsushita do to help? (See Chapters 12-13)
    4. What do you think of KM's late life activities? What kept him going until age ninety-four? (See Chapters 14-16)
    5. Evaluate the Epilogue. What do you think is most useful here?

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