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    Discussion Group Questions
    1. What aesthetics does your organization currently use and how is it manifested?
    • Identify the key identity elements of the organization
    • Identify styles and themes embodied in them
    • What are the desired expressions and what impressions do they create?

    2. What type of identity does your organization use (monolithic, branded, or endorsed). Should this structure be changed in order to better leverage your identity? How?
    3. What are the bottom line business effects being created by your identity?
    • Identify different target audiences for various identity elements
    • Estimate or examine potential consumer reactions to these identity elements across and within the identified segments/markets
    • Identify manifested weaknesses in business opportunities due to neglect of aesthetics and identity management.

    4. What is the aesthetic image or identity you desire to convey, how and why?
    • Identify/isolate key themes of your organization
    • Determine styles to accompany various themes
    • Decide best on which identity elements need change and how to integrate the identity across the various elements and target markets

    5. What nonconventional ways can you use to strengthen your identity?
    • Identify leading aesthetics across numerous industries.
    • Determine how your organization can gain awareness, interest, and increase market share by honing and strengthening its identity

    6. What procedures should you institute to maintain and protect, monitor and update your identity?
    7. Are there opportunities for strengthening your organization's aesthetics?
    • internationally and globally
    • through retailing or spatial environments
    • through digital media (such as the Web)

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