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Low Risk, High Reward

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions
    1. It is said that for large corporations to effectively compete in the future, they must find a way to establish an entrepreneurial environment in their company. In Chapter 1 (pg. 11) a set of 10 attributes and 4 skills are set forth as characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Do you agree with these? Can you think of others? Are these attributes and skills innate, or can they be acquired?
    2. Can you think of concrete action-oriented ideas for a person to employ to build trust? Do you agree with the 35 that are put forth on pages 23 and 24 and can you add to this list?
    3. How important do you think creativity is to your company's future? What can you do and avoid doing to maximize creativity in your company, division, and department? (pages 25-33)
    4. Should you be taking more risks? How can you minimize, reduce, share, stage, or avoid risks while still moving forward? (Chapter 3)
    5. What criteria do you employ in pricing your products or services? What are the critical points on the pricing check list (pages 159-161) and what new ones can you add? What people are involved in pricing?
    6. Do your company and employees support the sales function adequately? Are the sales people fully understood, trained, rewarded, and appreciated? Do you understand why your customers buy? (Chapter 8)
    7. What is your personal definition of success? Is personal and business success separate? Should they be? (Chapter 10)
    8. What is the definition of entrepreneurship? How does it differ from other people in your group? How does it align with the definition put forth on page 6?

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