Just Cause

Just Cause

Read by: Burt Reynolds
A noble pursuit. A deadly result.

Reporter Matt Cowart has seen this before, a letter from a Death Row inmate pleading innocence. Sure, they're all innocent. Young girls are raping and killing themselves all the time. But the more Cowart digs into the case of Robert Earl Ferguson, the more he believes that, as a black man, Ferguson is a victim of hate and prejudice, and that the wrong man is going to be executed.

Cowart lets fly a series of hard-hitting investigative articles that ultimately not only free Ferguson, but win Cowart a Pulitzer. He's a hero, a celebrity, a big-hearted guy -- who has unwittingly set in motion a scenario of horror and death....
  • Simon & Schuster Audio | 
  • ISBN 9780743549110 | 
  • March 1995
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