I"s, Vol. 13

I"s, Vol. 13

(Book #13 of I"s)
Edited by: Yumi Hoashi
Teratani has invited the group to celebrate graduation by staying at his family's resort hotel. He even arranges to have Ichitaka share a room with Iori. Although finally alone together, the young couple find themselves awash in a mixture of love, bashfulness and embarrassment. Just when it seems they might be able to relax and enjoy themselves, trouble appears in the form of uninvited guests, bringing new dangers that threaten to destroy Ichitaka's chance at happiness and Ior's budding acting career in a single stroke! Now Ichitaka must find a way to salvage both.
  • VIZ Media LLC | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781421510750 | 
  • May 2007
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