I Used to Know That: Shakespeare

I Used to Know That: Shakespeare

Capturing the unbelievable scope of Shakespeare's influence, this book covers the little-known details of Shakespeare's life along with the surprising legacy of the language and phrases inherited from his works. Organized for easy reference, sections include:

  • Shakespeare's Life Who was this man—the playwright, the lover, the family man?

  • Words and Phrases Owed to Shakespeare Did you know we have Shakespeare to thank for words such as “bandit,” “fashionable,” and “moonbeam” and the phrases “in my mind's eye,” “in my heart of hearts,” and “to thine own self be true”?

  • His Theater and Plays Synopses of the most famous of his plays

  • Character Glossary All the most memorable, infamous, and beloved characters from Shakespeare's collective works, including Beatrice, Julius Caesar, Ariel, Falstaff, Cleopatra, Othello, and Horatio

  • Index of Famous Lines “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit” from Twelfth Night and “Tempt not a desperate man” from Romeo and Juliet
    Whether you're planning an appearance on Jeopardy or simply want to become a more interesting conversationalist, I Used to Know That: Shakespeare will provide you with hours of entertainment.
    • Reader's Digest | 
    • 176 pages | 
    • ISBN 9781606522943 | 
    • May 2011

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