I Used to Know That: Science

Fascinating Truths About How Animals Evolve, Plants Grow, Molecules Bond, and Stars Explode

I Used to Know That: Science

I Used to Know That: Science covers the many facets of the modern scientific world including the general principles of physics, chemistry, and biology and explains how they affect our everyday lives.

Do you know why we are able to see light and hear sound? What is the Earth made of? How does the body produce energy? And, most important, does any of this matter? In I Used to Know That: Science, Marianne Taylor will answer those questions and more and will tell you why the answers are vital to us and to the scientists working on the cutting edge of scientific research. In this book, you will learn about:

  • Physics-Energy and Electricity: How electricity is generated; how heat moves from one place to another; the relationship between electricity and magnetism

Forces: The four fundamental forces; the origins of the universe; the composition and behavior of planets, stars and galaxies; the basic laws of mechanical physics

Waves, Radiation and Space: How waves behave and how they affect us; the electromagnetic spectrum; radioactivity
  • Chemistry-The Periodic Table: How to read the table; how atoms work; chemical bonds and reactions

Fuels, Air and Pollution: Chemicals, both helpful and dangerous, in the air; crude oil and its useful chemicals; live cycle assessments

Metals: The Earth’s structure; metals and alloys; construction materials

Organic Chemistry: Natural polymers and their usefulness; nutrition; which chemicals are harmful
  • Biology-Human (and Other) Bodies: The body’s systems-circulatory, skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, reproductive, respiratory and sensory

Cell Biology: The structure of a cell; how photosynthesis works; what hormones do

Evolution and Environment Ecology: The origins of life; how the eukaryotic cell evolved; mutation and natural selection; population, predation and extinction

Genetics: what chromosomes are; how you inherit genetic traits; reproduction and cloning


I Used to Know That: Science is a necessary read for anyone who wants to understand the modern scientific world and how the general principles of physics, chemistry, and biology affect our everyday lives.
  • Reader's Digest | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781606524671 | 
  • May 2012
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About the Author

Marianne Taylor

Marianne Taylor is a writer and editor, with a lifelong interest in science and nature. After seven years working for book and magazine publishers, she took the leap into the freelance world, and has since written ten books on wildlife, science and general natural history. She is also an illustrator and keen photographer, and when not at her desk or out with her camera she enjoys running, practicing aikido, and helping out at the local cat rescue center.