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Reading Group Guide

    Reader's Group Guide for Hidden
    1) What are Maggie's main characteristics? How does her personality differ between the time before the attack and after?
    2) Describe Nathan and Maggie's relationship both before and after their marriage. Do you feel that theirs is an equal partnership? What affect does life in her new home have on Maggie?
    3) Why does Maggie return to the house where her attack took place? What are her main reasons for retrieving all the documents pertaining to the case?
    4) Describe Carson and Maggie's relationship. What are Carson's feelings toward Maggie and are they truly reciprocated? Why do you think Maggie begins seeing him outside of work?
    5) Both Nate and Maggie change significantly throughout their marriage. What are the major changes? How do these changes affect their marriage? What causes them to take the actions they do? What is your overall opinion of Nate?
    6) What do you think are Maggie's main reasons for returning home after leaving spontaneously? What does her decision reveal about her character and state of mind?
    7) Discuss Ben Hodge's character. How does the inclusion of both his background and his version of the attack on Maggie affect her? Why does he become obsessed with Maggie? Does his confession change your view of Nate?
    8) Describe the character of Dick Duke. How does Maggie feel about him? What kind of relationship does he share with his son?
    9) What is the nature of Manny and Maggie's relationship? Why do you think he invites her to drive cross country with him?
    10) During the summer of 2002, Maggie experiences a transformation of sorts. What happens to her, psychologically and emotionally? What is the significance of the paintings she creates? What prompts Maggie to finally leave the house and the confines of the town?
    11) Memory is an ever present theme throughout the novel. Discuss how memory plays an integral role in Maggie's story. In what ways does memory affect the characters in the novel?
    12) What is the significance of the title Hidden?

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