Headlight Honeys

the “perfect pair” in vintage paperbacks, pulps and comics.

Headlight Honeys

Introduction by: Heller Steve
the “perfect pair”  in vintage paperbacks, pulps and  comics.



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It’s a boom time for bazooms in 21st century America—and it isn’t just males who are breast-obsessed—the fairer sex is too. Droves of females flock to plastic surgeons daily for breast lifts and augmentation. Their insatiable quest for the “perfect pair” has jettisoned the procedure to the second most popular form of plastic surgery in the world.

Once celebrated by skilled painters and sculptors through- out the history of art, with the advent of the Industrial Age and assembly line production, scores of “mams” merchandisers soon got in on the act. From “boob” aprons, t-shirts, sweat-shirts, and baseball caps to salt and pepper shakers, mugs, coffee cups, and shot glasses...from bags and totes to bedsheets and pillows...from greeting cards, books, and periodicals to candied treats...from jewelry to novelty gag gifts...and from Hooters to Twin Peaks restaurant chains, billions of dollars are generated annually by the objectification of breasts.

There was a time, however, when their low-budget portrayal in comic books, paperbacks, and pulps came under fervid assault, and effectively squelched, by the media censors.

Headlight Honeys assembles dozens of rare, salacious cover examples and delivers the scoop on this harrowing, pre-code era in American publishing. 
  • Cernunnos | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9782374950402 | 
  • April 2018
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