Girl CEO

Girl CEO

For Ages: 9 - 99
Rebel girls, young entrepreneurs, and other trailblazing tweens and teens will find inspiring success stories and practical advice for launching their own illustrious careers--right now!

Mini-biographies of leading women entrepreneurs—from Oprah to Sheryl Sandberg,  Tory Burch to Indra Nooyi, Weili Dai to J.K. Rowling—offer fascinating windows into what it takes to succeed, with a particular focus on the challenges faced (and overcome) by girls and women. Each success story provides different lessons in life and leadership--such as how to:
*build a prestigious brand
*grow a loyal customer base
*identify a lucrative niche
*raise money for research and development

Fascinating figures from the worlds of media, technology, fashion, food, and more share their secrets with tomorrow's leaders.
  • Downtown Bookworks | 
  • 144 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781941367520 | 
  • June 2018 | 
  • Grades 4 and up
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About the Authors

Katherine Ellison

Katherine Ellison is a Pulitzer-prize winning former foreign correspondent and author and co-author of several books, including The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes You Smarter and Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention.


Ronnie Cohen

Ronnie Cohen is a prize-winning freelance writer in Northern California. She contributes regularly to Reuters Health, and her work has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, The Guardian, and Newsweek.