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Experiential Marketing

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions
    1. To what degree does your organization use traditional features-and-benefits marketing and experiential marketing approaches? (Chapters 1, 2)
    2. What are advantages and disadvantages of the different "Experience Providers" (ExPros)? (Chapter 3)
    3. Discuss how useful it is for your organization to target the following types of customer experiences: SENSE, FEEL, THINK, ACT and RELATE? (Chapters 4-8)
    4. At the end of Chapters 4-8, you find the critical voice of LAURA BROWN. Do you agree with her critical statements?
    5. Using the Experiential Wheel, how could you create hybrids and holistic experiences for your customers? (Chapter 9)
    6. Using the Experiential Grid, what are the key strategic issues for your organization? (Chapter 10)
    7. What additional strategic experiential marketing issues arise for your organization? (Chapter 10)
    8. To what degree is your organization an "experience-oriented organization"? Do you think it would pay off to become more focused on customer and employee experiences? (Chapter 11)

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