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Do It Smart

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Group Questions
    1. What are the characteristics of excellent IT management? How does technical performance translate into business success? What are the value drivers top managers should look at? How powerful is the real overall impact of IT on business performance and core business process excellence? (Introduction, pp. 3-10, 189-193)
    2. Why should managers give IT priority in product development? What distinguishes a superior product development process, and what are the differentiating IT systems that IT stars have in place/are planning to introduce shortly? (pp. 27-52)
    3. What are the critical applications that are currently revolutionizing the marketing and sales process? What are the most important performance levers that IT stars focus on? (pp. 53-65)
    4. What are the crucial conditions for successfully applying IT in manufacturing and logistics? To what extent does the type of business matter when using IT for planning on the shop floor level? (pp. 66-79)
    5. What are the most important guidelines for organizing IT management? When does it pay to outsource IT services? How do IT stars excel with a sophisticated IT planning and control process? (pp. 103-129)
    6. Every month new software and hardware releases/products claim to improve technical performance. What is the right approach for planning replacements of large standard SW packages? When does it pay to be an early adopter, and when should a company search for individual innovative IT solutions? (pp. 130-163)
    7. Is there an ideal way to introduce large complex SW packages like SAP? Why is it usually a must to redesign the business first? (pp. 133-138) What are the success factors of superior IT megaproject management? (pp. 150-160)
    8. What does the emergence of new IT technologies like the Internet mean for future IT management? What are the critical future IT application areas a company should be looking at now? How can a company migrate its IT management to world-class operations? (pp. 167-186)

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