Diamond Life

A Novel

Diamond Life

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed novel Platinum, Diamond Life returns to the smoke and mirrors world of fame with brand new characters and more true to life plotlines.

Alex Maxwell’s career as a journalist and celebrity ghostwriter is taking off, but it pales in comparison to her rapper husband Birdie’s multi-platinum debut and world tour. Slowly but surely, everything they swore would never happen begins to happen—leaving Brooklyn for a mansion in suburban New Jersey and letting a reality TV crew into their home. Birdie is confronted time and again by the sexy groupies who pursue famous rappers, and he’s forced to make some life-changing choices.

Meanwhile, the largely unknown performers Trip and Step release their new single, and it becomes the hottest song of the year. The duo’s popularity spreads like wildfire at the expense of entertainment’s leading icons—Jake and Z—who seem to be losing their edge, their market share, and perhaps their reputations, too.

Diamond Life doesn’t just pick up where Platinum left off—it reintroduces Platinum’s main characters from a different perspective and gives background characters center stage while presenting future stars. Whether readers have read the first book or not, they’ll be swept up by this intoxicating story of love, sex, ambition, money, betrayal, and the surprising realities of making it big.
  • Touchstone | 
  • 416 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451625547 | 
  • February 2012
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Journalist Alex Maxwell’s star is on the rise. And her husband Birdie is getting a bigger taste of fame as he joins the ranks of famous rappers, complete with McMansions, world tours, and tempting fans who threaten their marriage. Meanwhile, the industry’s biggest players are overcoming their own demons and struggling to maintain their relevance in a world where the next big thing rules. This follow-up to the novel Platinum gives an inside look into a glittery industry where alcohol, sex, scandal, money, and betrayal can taint the reality of finally “making it.”

Topics & Questions f
or Discussion

1.  “It’s beautiful. But it’s so cliché,” Alex says of the house Birdie wants to buy in New Jersey. How is Birdie’s rise to fame, including leaving Brooklyn for a mansion in the suburbs, groupies, and staring in a reality show indicative of celebrityhood today?

2.  Many of the artists struggle to maintain releva see more

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About the Author

Aliya S. King
Luis Antonio Thompson

Aliya S. King

Aliya S. King is an award-winning journalist and the author of Platinum.  She is the co-author of Original Gangster and the New York Times bestseller Keep the Faith.  Her work has appeared in Vibe, Giant, Uptown, Essence, King, Ms., Us Weekly, and Teen People, among others.  Please visit her at www.aliyasking.com