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The Customer Marketing Method

How to Implement and Profit from Customer Relationship Management
By Adam Curry, Jay Curry

Reading Group Guide

    Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions to Accompany The Customer Marketing Method

    1. How can we boost your revenues 10% and up to 100% -- without increasing marketing and sales budgets?
    2. How can we measure, manage and improve:

    * customer profitability and ROI on marketing and sales.
    * customer purchasing behavior and loyalty.
    * Customer satisfaction and willingness to buy even more from you.

    3. How can we measure, manage and improve the customer orientation of:

    * managers and staff across the board.
    * customer information systems.
    * communications with our customer.
    4. How can we stimulate closer co-operation and synergy among the marketing, sales and service departments?
    5. How can we use the Internet to get new customers, improve relationships with your current customers; and defend your self against web-based competitors?
    6. How can we increase the chances of success in implementing Customer Relationship Management?

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