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    Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions to Accompany The Customer Marketing Method

    1. How can we boost your revenues 10% and up to 100% -- without increasing marketing and sales budgets?
    2. How can we measure, manage and improve:

    * customer profitability and ROI on marketing and sales.
    * customer purchasing behavior and loyalty.
    * Customer satisfaction and willingness to buy even more from you.

    3. How can we measure, manage and improve the customer orientation of:

    * managers and staff across the board.
    * customer information systems.
    * communications with our customer.
    4. How can we stimulate closer co-operation and synergy among the marketing, sales and service departments?
    5. How can we use the Internet to get new customers, improve relationships with your current customers; and defend your self against web-based competitors?
    6. How can we increase the chances of success in implementing Customer Relationship Management?

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