Banners In The Wind

Banners In The Wind

(Book #3 of Lescari Trilogy)
The third, and final, book in a major new fantasy trilogy.

A few stones falling in the right place can set a landslide in motion. That’s what Lescari exiles told themselves in Vanam as they plotted to overthrow the warring dukes. But who can predict the chaos that follows such a cataclysm? Some will survive against all the odds; friends and foes alike. Hopes and alliances will be shattered beyond repair. Unforeseen consequences bring undeserved grief as well as unexpected rewards. Necessity forces uneasy compromise as well as perilous defiance. Wreaking havoc is swift and easy. Building a lasting peace may yet prove an insuperable challenge.
  • Solaris | 
  • 592 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781906735753 | 
  • May 2010
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