A Book of Simple Pleasures

A Book of Simple Pleasures

This charming new book by Leigh Crandall is a collection of inspiring quotes, easy ideas for good living, and stories from real people about the simple things they do that enrich their lives. The ideas and anecdotes will bring a smile to your face and serve as a reminder that when we stop to admire the beauty of everyday things—particularly the simple ones—our lives inevitably become fuller. This perfect gift book is divided into 3 chapters called Love, Live, and Laugh and is full of ideas to help you take time to enjoy what matters most in life.
  • Ryland Peters & Small | 
  • 64 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781849751391 | 
  • August 2011
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About the Author

Leigh Crandall

Leigh Crandall is a writer specializing in lifestyle, travel and weddings. Her work has appeared in several national magazines and online. For Ryland Peters & Small, she has written When I Was a Ring Bearer and Happy Bride’s Survival Guide. Leigh lives in New York City and works for Condé Nast.