A Fast and Powerful Way to Get Unstuck in Love, at Work, and with Your Family


Foreword by: Jack Welch
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From columnist and bestselling author Suzy Welch comes a powerful, proven strategy for clarifying life choices.

 We all want to lead a life of our own choosing. But in today’s accelerated world of competing priorities, confounding options, and information overload, we can find ourselves steered by impulse, stress, or expedience. Are our decisions the right ones? Or are we being governed, time and again, and against our best intentions, by the demands of the moment? With 10-10-10, Welch proposes a transformative solution to this pressure, helping us tease apart our deepest goals and values, candidly face our fears and dreams, and rid ourselves of frustration and regret. 10-10-10 has shown its effectiveness in decisions large and small, routine and radical, getting us out of neutral at home, in love, and at work. Across the board, this immensely useful and revelatory idea provides us with the tools to regain control of our choices—and ultimately reclaim our lives.
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  • April 2010
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In this New York Times bestseller, author, commentator, and business journalist Suzy Welch shares the process of 10-10-10, her innovative approach to thinking about—and resolving—the life dilemmas that all too often leave us feeling paralyzed. An antidote to the mounting pressure to make too many choices in too little time, this powerful new idea can be applied to issues encountered at work, in marriage and other personal relationships, as a parent, and a friend. By considering each of your options and projecting their outcomes in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years, you’ll learn how to “get unstuck” and make the kind of deliberate, proactive decisions that lead to the life you truly want for yourself and a future without guilt and regret. The discipline, as illustrated through the personal stories of 10-10-10 users around the world, can ultimately be drawn upon to help you to untangle your priorities, excavate your own deeply-held values, and reclaim your life, one decision at a time.


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About the Author

Suzy Welch
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Suzy Welch

Suzy Welch, former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review, is a work-life columnist for O The Oprah Magazine.  She is the coauthor, with her husband Jack Welch, of the New York Times  bestseller Winning and of “The Welch Way,” published in BusinessWeek magazine and internationally by the New York Times Syndicate. She lives in Boston.

Suzy Welch es una destacada periodista, autora y oradora. Es columnista en temas de trabajo y vida para la revista O, The Oprah Magazine y colaboradora de O’s Big Book of Happiness (El gran libro de la felicidad de O) y ejerce como Ejecutiva Residente en el Centro de Liderazgo de Mujeres de Babson College. Suzy, madre de cuatro adolescentes, es ex editora de Harvard Business Review, y co-autora, con su esposo, Jack Welch, del libro Winning, que ocupó el primer lugar entre los libros más vendidos. La columna de ambos, “The Welch Way,” (El sistema Welch) se publica nacionalmente en la revista BusinessWeek y se distribuye internacionalmente por la agencia periodística New York Times Syndicate.