1,000 Cranes

The Deluxe Origami Set

1,000 Cranes

  • Cider Mill Press | 
  • 64 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781604334944 | 
  • October 2018
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Featuring hundreds of beautiful wedding-themed pages of origami paper, bring elegance, tradition, and good fortune to your wedding day with the ancient Japanese art of origami!

Folding origami takes time, patience, and understanding, the same qualities vital to a lasting marriage. According to ancient lore, a beautifully hand-folded paper crane (orizuru) represents the promise of a long, happy marriage. This elegant new origami book will help you turn this time-honored tradition...

About the Authors

Duy Nguyen

Duy Nguyen is the #1 origami author in the world with over 40 titles, including Origami with Dollar Bills and Paper Airplanes with Dollar Bills.