Ted Bell Interview

A Conversation with Ted Bell, author of Hawk, Assassin, and Pirate

What was your favorite childhood book?

TB: Captain Blood, Rafael Sabatini

Q: Which book has made you laugh?

TB: Huckleberry Finn, favorite of all time

Q: which book has made you cry?

TB: Sophie’s Choice, Wm. Styron

Q: Which book would you give to a friend as a present?

TB: Treasure Island

Q: which other writers do you admire?

TB: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, J.M. Coetzee, Ian Fleming, P.C. Wren, P.G. Wodehouse, John Cheever, John Updike, Elmore Leonard, Adam Nicolson, Vladimir Nabokoy, John Fowles, Patrick O’Brien, Walker Percy, David McCullough, William Manchester, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene

Q: Which classic have you always meant to read and never got round to it?

TB: Anna Karenina

Q: What are your top five books of all time, in order or otherwise?

TB: Huckleberry Finn, War and Peace, The Great Gatsby, Treasure Island, Brideshead Revisited

Q: Is there a particular book or author that inspired you to be a writer?

TB: All of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Q: What is your favourite time of day to write?

TB: Early morning

Q: And favourite place?

TB: My desk overlooking a small cove here in Florida

Q: Longhand or word processor?

TB: Word processor

Q: Which fictional character would you most like to have met?

TB: Jeeves

Q: Who, in your opinion, is the greatest writer of all time?

TB: Tolstoy

Q: Which book have you found yourself unable to finish?

TB: Cold Mountain

Q: What is your favourite word?

TB: Blue.

Q: Other than writing, what other jobs or professions have you undertaken or considered?

TB: Advertising, motorcycle cop

Q: What was the first piece you ever had in print?

TB: A poem in Stylus, college literary magazine

Q: Can you think of a question that we didn’t ask you?

TB: No.

Q: What would the answer be?

TB: Yes.