Sudhir Jonathan Foust

Sudhir Jonathan Foust is President Emeritus and a Senior Teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the largest center for yoga and health in North America. A long-term practitioner of yoga and meditation, he started a consistent meditation practice at the age of fifteen and was a long-term member of the Kripalu Ashram.
Sudhir has studied numerous disciplines from both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions. His orientation is grounded in establishing a dynamic balance of body, mind, and spirit and translating perennial philosophy into practical tools for skillful living.
He has been widely quoted for his commentary on yoga, meditation, spirituality, and healing in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Yoga Journal and other national publications and media. Sudhir's numerous audio programs have assisted countless practitioners of all levels.
A speaker, teacher trainer, and leader of a wide variety of programs ranging from meditation retreats to corporate seminars throughout North America and Europe, his mission is to help people cultivate a living relationship to spirit.

Books by this Author

SENIOR TEACHER AT KRIPALU CENTER FOR YOGA AND HEALTH SUDHIR JONATHAN FOUST HELPS YOU REGAIN YOUR CORE VITALITY Great mystical traditions teach that our true nature is passionate, vibrant, and filled with abundant energy. Unfortunately, day-to-day stresses and challenges can create physical and emotional blocks which build up over time draining our natural passion, purpose, and vitality. In this original audiobook, Sudhir Jonathan Foust will help you release physical and emotional restrictions...