Siobhan Adcock

Siobhan Adcock is the author of the novels, The Barter and The Completionist. Her short fiction has been published in Triquarterly and The Massachusetts Review, and her essays and humor writing have appeared in SalonThe Daily Beast, and Huffington Post. She is currently the Editorial Director of What to Expect Digital, the leading pregnancy and parenting app and website. She lives with her husband and daughter in Brooklyn.

Books by this Author

A young man's search for his missing sister leads him into a disturbing and desperate underworld, where bitter freedoms are bought at a terrible price. Daringly inventive, The Completionist brings us a hauntingly familiar future world in which plummeting birth rates have ominous political and personal implications for women.

“Find her. You need to keep looking, no matter what. I'm afraid of what might’ve happened to her. You be afraid too.”

A young Marine, Carter...