Peter Birkenhead

Peter Birkenhead is a regular contributor to, where he writes personal essays and cultural criticism. An essay about Oprah’s endorsement of The Secret was the most-read piece on the site in 2007. He’s also a regular contributor to Marie Claire Magazine, and has written for GQ, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune and other publications. As an actor he has extensive stage and television credits. He lives in Los Angeles.

Books by this Author

“A captivating journey through the humor, pitfalls, delusions, and dangers of extreme family dysfunction and the boundless capacity of human love. The intelligent facility of Birkenhead’s writing shines” (

Peter Birkenhead grew up trying to understand his father, a terrifying, charismatic presence who brutalized his family but also enchanted them with his passion and whimsy. An avid gun-collector and a virulently anti-war peacenik, a popular economics professor and a...