Marc Cenedella

Marc Cenedella is founder and CEO of TheLadders. His passion in life is jobs, their sociology and culture: the process by which everyone passes from family through school and into a career. The subject of jobs itself is Marc’s chosen devotion in his professional life. Marc is a widely recognized thought leader on job search, career management, recruiting, and employment related issues. Prior to founding TheLadders, Marc was a senior vice president at HotJobs. Marc holds an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School where he was named a Baker Scholar.

Books by this Author

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You've made the decision that it's time to move on. Or, the decision may have been made for you. The basic goals remain the same, but parts of the process may have changed since your last real job search – and you've likely changed, too. You need the latest directions for advanced career management. You're Better Than Your Job Search is an informative guidebook that...