Lisa Rowe Fraustino

Lisa Rowe Fraustinois the award-winning editor of the acclaimed anthology Dirty Laundry: Stories About Family Secrets and the celebrated collection Soul Searching: Thirteen Stories About Faith and Belief. She is also the author of the ALA Notable Book The Hickory Chair, illustrated by Benny Andrews. Lisa resides in Ashford, Connecticut, and is a professor of English and children's literature at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Books by this Author

Whether your cycle is regular or random, you prefer chocolate or chips, you break out or stay zit-free, your period is an indelible fact of life....

Finally, a book that forgets "Aunt Flow" and "the curse" and deals with that time of the month head-on. In twelve stirring fictional narratives, celebrated authors including Han Nolan and David Lubar explore with spirit and strength everything from boyfriends buying tampons, to embarrassing encounters in white, to heart-wrenching...