A Lifelong Passion

December 22, 2008
My Passion? Dancing.  Unequivacably, unswervingly, unfailingly.  No matter my mood, energy level or location (nightclub, street fair, wedding, living room), the minute I hear music and start dancing, I’m instantly transported.   Just as I imagine a linguist delights in capturing the sound variations between languages, I enjoy embodying the varying styles of physical expression between dance forms. The laid-back ease of the Texas Two-Step; the playful percussiveness of Salsa, and Merengue.  The proud, controlled posture of Greek line dancing;  the swing out joy of the Jitterbug and Charleston.  I “speak” almost every type of dance imaginable, but two toughies still elude me: the Tango and Hip-Hop, (with each, you can get hurt if you don’t know what you are doing!).


I have as much fun watching others on the dance floor as being there myself.  The highlight of every summer is Midsummer Night Swing, an outdoor dance party at Lincoln Center which attracts hundreds of New Yorkers of all ages, shapes and sizes, be-bopping their hearts out to big bands.  Growing up,  I spent Friday nights at the top of the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, enjoying International folk dance.  Doing the  grapevine step, with a bunch of strangers who share your love of movement,  the warm evening breeze cooling you off, looking up at the lit pillars of the Classical Art Museum…it was just magical. And during the height of the 70’s disco craze, my boyfriend (turned husband) and I became Hustle champs…even winning a couple of trophies!   Dancing has a joyfulness and freedom of expression that just carries me away.

Holidays in New York

December 22, 2008
I always love spending the holidays in NY--instead of the stress of travelling, I prefer to relax here...the city is festive, the lights and decorations are beautiful, and the energy is great.  This year, my favorite (and only) brother and his family are coming to visit during the holidays...and I am so looking forward to seeing them.  My neice and nephew are full of light--both have a constant twinkle in their eyes--no doubt the result of the fare they've been raised on--my brother's side-splitting wit, and my sister-in-law's fun-loving spirit. Two very lucky kids...and me, I couldn't be more fortunate than to have these four people in my family!