Launch Day for TAKE TWO! Our twins series sequel

February 02, 2010
It's a happy book birthday for TAKE TWO, the second book in our 'identical twins' series. I walked into Barnes and Noble today to see an adorable (and tall!) floor display. So cool! If you look at the new author photo in the back of the book, you'll see a picture of us reading a book when we were two. I had asked my mom to dig up an old photo of us and she sent one in to my editor without me seeing it first. It turned out to be a picture I'd never seen before --until I got my review copy of TAKE TWO. I stared at the book jacket but couldn't even figure out which was me and which one was Jennifer. I think I'm the one on the left? It's a little pitiful, but funny, when you can't even tell who is who yourself. Identical twins are used to confusion, though. And it definitely happens to our characters, Payton and Emma. We're writing the third book in the series, now. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays starring my book characters

December 03, 2009
Happy holidays from Liberty Porter, Trading Faces and!

JUSTICE tween stores' new Book of the Month Club kicks off with LIBERTY PORTER, FIRST DAUGHTER!

August 10, 2009
Yay for the Justice tween stores for featuring new books in their stores. And lucky me, my book Liberty Porter First Daughter is the first book of the month club selection! Check out their website: Future books include Four Truths and a Lie by Lauren Barnholdt, Things Are Gonna Get Ugly by Hillary Homzie and another book by me (and my twin sister, Jennifer Roy) Trading Faces. Very cool, Justice!


July 14, 2009
I'm excited to announce my new book, Liberty Porter First Daughter. It's my first illustrated chapter book (illustrated by the phenomenal Paige Pooler) for ages 7-12. Visit Liberty at her own website at About the Book: Meet Liberty Porter! She's a regular nine-year-old girl with a lot going on. First of all, her dad has just started a new job. And she has to move to a house in a new city. Oh, and the really big thing? Her dad? His new job is president of the United States. That's right. So the house is the White House, and the city is Washington, D.C. That means Liberty Porter is going to be First Daughter and she is super-excited! This is the start of an amazing adventure for Liberty, for the Secret Service who follow her everywhere (ha!), and for her dog, Franklin, who makes life in the big White House more exciting . Join Liberty as she turns life in Washington (and the rest of the country) upside down!

Sneak preview of Liberty Porter, First Daughter: Read by Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan!

July 06, 2009
Only one week until the official launch date of Liberty Porter, First Daughter! Want a super-cool sneak preview? Sabrina Bryan shared the opener at the LA Times Book Festival to a huge crowd. Check it out here: ttp://

LA Times Book Festival 09 -

May 06, 2009
For the first time, I live-twittered an event--the LA Times Book festival. Ok, that was practically the first time I'd twittered, period. But it was my incentive to take pictures along the way. I'm so bad at taking pictures and documenting things. But I did it! And it was kind of addicting, so expect more posts soon. Click on the link below to check out some of the amazing authors and book people at the fest. The weather was perfect, and I was on the Target stage with my co-author of Princess of Gossip, the lovely Sabrina Bryan. Another highlight? I met S.E. Hinton! She invited me to join her for lunch. Yes, I have proof:

Princess of Gossip Launch Party!!

January 14, 2009
Check out this video of my co-author, Sabrina Bryan, and I at Fasionology L.A. for the launch party of our book-- Princess of Gossip!