Julia Charles

Julia Charles is a London-based editor and writer working in lifestyle publishing. She began her career at Penguin Books and during the following two decades worked for the Sunday Express newspaper, BBC Books and Time Warner Books. Best-selling drinks titles she has conceived and/or commissioned for Ryland Peters & Small include Gin Tonica, Parisian Cocktails, Cuban Cocktails, Prosecco Cocktails and Tequila Cocktails and she has worked closely with Tristan Stephenson on the ‘Curious Bartender’ series, including his bestselling debut The Curious Bartender: The Artistry and Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail. She has always had a passion for global bar culture and has sampled many good (and bad) drinks on her travels including negronis in Naples, brandy in Barcelona, pisco in Macchu Picchu, mescal in Mexico City, beer in Beijing and Desi Daru in Delhi. Julia lives and works in London but is a frequent visitor to both Spain (where she has family) and the Greek Island of Antiparos (where she has delicious cocktails).

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The go-to choice for easy warm-weather drinking and delicious enjoyed on its own, here rosé wine also makes the perfect ingredient in 40 refreshingly different summer cocktails.

The recent rise of rosé as THE summer drink started with the arrival of "frosé" (a cheeky concoction of fruity frozen rosé blended with strawberry syrup and served slushie-style) but bartenders worldwide are now turning their attention to the pink stuff (in all its styles from dry and crisp to ripe and sweet) and...