Would You Look at This

December 02, 2008
Wow. Check this out. Exactly what you were hoping for – another website with blog postings. I was going to post about a piece of toast (just because it rhymes with post). But now I think I won't. Don't. That's the only other word I can think of that rhymes with "won't". I believe that all blogs should have at least one set of rhyming words. Just because. Does. Fuzz. Was.


November 17, 2008
Have you ever had to kill a yak in the high Himalayas, and then eat its still-warm liver and eyeballs to survive?  Well, I have . . . not . . . either.  But I did see a guy on TV do that once.  And boy, was it squishy. 

I think it just goes to show – you never know what people do with their free time.

Myself, I like to enjoy a good nap, a swim, a bike ride, maybe another nap.  Who doesn’t, right?  But I also enjoy one pastime that I don’t really share with anyone else.  And I don’t usually even tell anyone else. 

It’s kind of a holdover from playing around as a kid.  Because as a kid, you can get away with doing all sorts of strange things.  You have a built-in excuse.  You are a kid. 

So you spin around to see how dizzy you can get. That’s not weird.  You’re a kid.  You experiment on a sunny day to see what you can burn with a magnifying glass. Fine.  You dress up like a giant rabbit and go trick-or-treating in the middle of June.  Okay – that is weird.  Even if you are a kid.

The one thing I always loved to do as a kid, and still love to do now, is climb trees. 

Tree climbing is one of those all-time great activities because it just is what it is.  There is no other team to beat.  No score to better.  No organization to join.  You climb a tree to climb a tree.

And when you’ve climbed your tree, you get to look out on the world.  Usually a world of more trees.  And you sway in the breeze a bit.  You feel the sun, or the chill, or the tree bark on your skin.  You are part of the world.

I think kids climb trees because they instinctively know this. It’s a good thing to not forget.  And it’s way less messy than chewing yak eyeballs.