Event! August 25 in West Chester, PA

June 11, 2012
What: PAYA 2012

Where: Pennsylvania's Leadership Charter School Advanced Learning Center; 1585 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA 19380

When: Saturday, August 25, 2012 (time TBA)

Books will be sold to raise money for PA libraries and I'll be signing along with a fab, growing list of authors!

Check out the official PAYA page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAYA-Bringing-YA-to-PA/135556373131694


May 16, 2012
Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've been on the Author Portal. *hides head in shame* It's got some supercool upgrades and I'll be checking in and updating my info more frequently.

I'm eagerly anticipating the release of INITIATION (Canterwood Crest #13). Hurry, January 3!


Fantastic photo shoot for new Canterwood Crest covers

September 11, 2009
Hi, guys! I blogged (with a few photos) about the latest Canterwood Crest cover photo shoot. The day was amazing and everyone had so much fun. I'm so lucky to have a fab team of people behind me who are supporting the books. Team Canterwood! I've got pics and a wrap up of the day here: http://jessicaburkhart.blogspot.com. Plus, I took lots of vlog footage so keep an eye out for that. xo, Jess

Book release + reader pics = awesome!

February 04, 2009
So, I’ve been a debut author for a week! Yay! :) I’ve been driving around my hometown to sign books, pass out postcards and talk to booksellers. It’s been crazy, but so much fun! Also, I’m planning my first event (gasp!) at my local Books-a-Million on February 21. I’m still working out the details, but it’s going to be fun. Some awesome things to check out: Three downloadable chapters of TAKE THE REINS at the Lip Smacker Lounge. Cool, huh? Check it outhere! I’m starting to post pics of readers with their copies of TTR. The first pic is up on MySpace! I’ll post more soon and if you want your pic posted, e-mail it to me. All of my contact info is on my Website. Thanks so much to everyone who sent e-mails and notes about the release. You all rock!

Welcome! :)

November 21, 2008
Hi! It’s my first post on the new author portal! Isn’t it shiny and pretty? I thought I’d introduce myself in a hopefully not too OMG-you’re-boring-me way. The short story: * I’m 21. * I live in Florida, but not near the beach OR any palm trees. * After accidentally setting the microwave on fire once (one time, people!), I’m rarely allowed in the kitchen. * I have a serious addiction to lip gloss. * I’ve lived in Tennessee, Virginia and Illinois. * I never acquired a Southern accent. * I homeschooled from eighth grade through high school. The long story: I was born in Nashville (Music City!) and knew at age two that I was destined to become a writer. Um, no. I didn’t start writing until I was ten and I wrote my autobiography in size 24 font. I printed it, glued a photo of my horse and me on the cover and drew a pink heart around the photo. Literary genius, I tell ya! :) I started taking horseback riding lessons when I was eight or nine. My parents learned to cover their eyes when I hopped on a horse without a saddle or bridle and raced up and down the pasture. I had to stop riding at thirteen when I had surgery for scoliosis. My spine had curved like an S. I had to find new interests, so I turned to writing and I decided I wanted to become a freelance writer. I learned how to write a query letter and sent dozens of embarrassing “Dear Sir or Madame” (who even said THAT in 2001?!) queries. They were all rejected. Shocker. I decided to stop writing about what I thought editors wanted to read and wrote about something personal-—my volunteer work with the local Humane Society. The article became my first acceptance. I freelanced for five years before I started writing novels. Now, I’m a fulltime author/freelance writer. Whew! That wasn’t too bad, was it? I’ll be posting here often since I’m addicted to blogging and vlogging. If you’re not sick of me yet, you can check out my personal Website, the Canterwood Crest Website and my blogs. All of those links are on the sidebar. Also, if you’ve got Facebook, MySpace or Twitter and you’d like to friend me, feel free!