Jeanne Carlson

Jeanne Carlson is a professional dog trainer who for twenty years has gone into people’s homes to help them understand their dogs better. She also operates a national phone consultation service, and her popular training video “Good Puppy!” has helped thousands of new puppy owners. She works in Seattle, Washington, and lives on an island with her dog, two cats, and two horses.

Books by this Author

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
"I love my dog, but he chews on everything, jumps on my friends, barks at my neighbors, digs up my yard, and chases my cat. When I try to walk him, he drags me down the street like I'm a sled!" Sound familiar? Wondering how to trade your dog's bad habits for good habits? You're holding the answer in your hands!
These and other common behavior problems can drive even the most caring and patient dog owner crazy. Good Dogs, Bad...