Jay Cooper

Jay Cooper spent his childhood laying on his bedroom floor lost in comic books, fostering a passion for both story and art. He’s been chasing that unity ever since, first in the magazine world, and then as the creative director at SpotCo agency, where he designed artwork for many award-winning Broadway shows. Now as an illustrator, he uses a combination of traditional and digital tools to create exuberant and graphic art pieces. After moving to New York City from Delaware, thanks to his lovely wife Laura, who refused to let him eat mashed potatoes and stuffing every day, he's become a huge foodie and is a fan of all kinds of food trucks. Jay lives in Maplewood, New Jersey, with his wife and two children. Visit him at JayCooper.CarbonMade.com. 

Books by this Author

Delivery Trucks!
Food Trucks!
The Body Code