Janete Scobie

Janete was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica and grew up in New York City. Longing to experience life overseas, Janete moved to Paris, France where she spent nearly a decade. Her travels eventually led her back to the States where she wrote her first novel, The Seeds of Green Mangoes. A bona fide Francophile, she divides her time between New York City and France. She is currently working on her second novel.

Books by this Author

Kissing is one of the most sensual sexually stimulating expressions of love and lust one can experience. Mnay relationships hinge on the first kisses. A bad one might lose you the love of your life. now in this new book, you will discover the secrets to make you not only one of the best kissers in the world, but bring your lovemaking to new, erotic heights!


The basic- The book covers the basics of kissing, from the polite peck on the cheek, to Eskimo and butterfly kisses, to the...