Jan Kern

"Go deeper with Christ" - that's the call from Jan Kern's heart for women today. As a wife and mother who has worked for twenty-five years alongside her husband at a ranch for troubled teens, she's had her share of challenges. In speaking to women's groups, she assures them they are not alone in their struggles and concerns and insists that the key to contentment is to stay close to the God who cares. "Life with God is quite an adventure," Jan says. "Yet, when you look closer, you catch a glimpse of His perfect plan." When she's not writing or teaching, Jan enjoys life in the country with her family and friends.

Books by this Author

Take a closer look at the Bible you thought you knew Have you noticed that the more you look at something, the less you see it? The same thing can happen with Scripture. You've seen a story or a passage so many times that you overlook its significance: "Our Father, who art in heaven..." "The Lord is my shepherd..." "For God so love the world..." You may know these passages, you may love them, but maybe you've stopped expecting much from them. Take a Closer Look for Women leads you to pause...