Diesel Dave

Dave Kiley (Diesel Dave) first met Dave Sparks (Heavy D) at a church event for young singles and Heavy D invited Diesel to the lake with friends in his pickup. Little did they know that this would lead to a successful career in selling and building diesel trucks at DieselSellerz. Diesel Dave’s passion runs rich in his blood. He wants nothing more than to put the hammer down and spread torque, horsepower, and diesel joy to all people through the land—letting Diesel freedom ring!

Books by this Author

Feel like somebody hit the brakes on your Diesel Brothers cravings? Discover how you can keep the gas going with this rip-roaring ride behind the scenes of Discovery Channel's popular series Diesel Brothers.

In the world of monster trucks, no one builds bigger and more extreme rides—and has more fun in the process—than Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and their crew at DieselSellerz. Their larger-than-life creations and awesome truck giveaways are legendary, but for those less fortunate who...