David Limbaugh

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David Limbaugh is the son of Rush Limbaugh, Jr. and Mildred Armstrong Limbaugh. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School in 1978. While in law school, he was a Member of Missouri Law Review. He served in the National Guard from 1972 to 1978. He has been married to Lisa Limbaugh since 1986, and they have four children, three daughters, and a son.

Photo by Tom Neumeyer, Neumeyer Photography

Books by this Author

In the updated paperback edition of the New York Times bestseller, David Limbaugh offers a chilling and thorough indictment of the Obama administration, unveiling the reality behind Obama’s capitalism scandals, Constitution violations, shadowy bureaucracy, and more.

When it comes to our prosperity, our freedom, and our constitutional government, President Barack Obama has been the “great destroyer”—knocking down the free-market economy and principles of limited government that have...