Daisy Fuentes

Daisy Fuentes has been redefining health, fashion, beauty and fitness for almost 20 years. From MTV to network television, a slew of cable series and specials, she has the ability to move seamlessly between music, fashion, fitness and style, and to own these categories as a host, expert and guide. 

Books by this Author

In this stylish and uplifting guide to living, now in paperback, Daisy Fuentes reveals how to tap into your unique and unforgettable “star quality!”

Everybody wants to be noticed and admired, they want to be unforgettable. The concept of what makes a person more desirable and appealing has always fascinated and intrigued TV star, model, and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes. Early on in her career, Daisy became intrigued by the “it” factor that made certain people more attractive, billable,...