Courtney Bowen

Courtney Bowen lives in Texas. She fell in love with fantasy fiction at a young age and started writing it as a preteen. She wrote her first version of the Arria series in junior high and high school. She redid the first novel, Knights of Arria, several times in college and thus extended it across several books. She has also written a handful of short stories in Arria’s universe and a sci-fi short story as well as two poetry and lyrics books.

Books by this Author

Basha, a wistful young man, yearns to marry his girlfriend Jawen. Yet he is self-conscious of their differences and his lack of prospects. He is scorned by Jawen’s father, the wealthy merchant Lapo, as an orphan bastard left on the innkeeper’s doorstep.

Even Basha’s adopted family, especially his brother Oaka, doubt Basha and Jawen belong together. But Basha wants to prove that he is worthy of Jawen’s love by getting a spot on the town’s militia. And he wants to propose to her the next...